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Location codes 141-160 of 496 in Michigan, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
13MI Dowagiac [Lee Memorial Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US
Y94 East Jordan [East Jordan City Airport], Michigan, US
51MI Pontiac [Cass Lake-Cove Island SPB], Michigan, US
4Y8 Yale [Para Field], Michigan, US
9MI1 Battle Creek [Custer Main Heliport], Michigan, US
29C Port Austin [Grindstone Air Harbor Airport], Michigan, US
4MI9 Adrian [Promedica Bixby Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US
2MI6 Whittemore [The Farm Airport], Michigan, US
6MI7 Zeeland [J P's Field], Michigan, US
7MI0 Novi [Kamikaze Run Heliport], Michigan, US
98MI Huron Township [L & L Heliport], Michigan, US
8D4 Sparta [Paul C Miller-Sparta Airport], Michigan, US
9MI8 Utica [Jott Heliport], Michigan, US
14MI Dutton [East-West Paris Airport], Michigan, US
MI16 Ironwood [Aspirus Ironwood Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US
3MI2 Northport [South Fox Island Airport], Michigan, US
9MI7 Novi [Glen Oaks Heliport], Michigan, US
6Y1 Bois Blanc Island, Michigan, US
D22 Drummond Island [Yacht Haven SPB], Michigan, US
Z98 Zeeland [Ottawa Exec Airport], Michigan, US

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