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Location codes 101-120 of 496 in Michigan, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
24C Lowell [Lowell City Airport], Michigan, US
25MI St. Johns [Howard Airfield], Michigan, US
MI05 Clio [Crompton's Private Strip], Michigan, US
52MI Oakland Township [Six C's Heliport], Michigan, US
MI42 Muskegon [B C Cobb Heliport], Michigan, US
Y47 New Hudson [Oakland Southwest Airport], Michigan, US
ISRO Isle Royale National Park [Isle Royale NP], Michigan, US
1MI7 Mt Pleasant [Midmichigan Health Park Heliport], Michigan, US
MI74 Detroit [WDIV-TV Channel 4 Heliport], Michigan, US
03MI Bay City [Harold Miller Heliport], Michigan, US
75G Manchester [Rossettie Airport], Michigan, US
4Y4 Gaylord [Lakes of The North Airport], Michigan, US
6Y4 Rock [Van Effen Field], Michigan, US
3MI3 Novi [Zayti Field Heliport], Michigan, US
4D0 Grand Ledge [Abrams Muni], Michigan, US
6Y5 Newberry [Two Hearted Airstrip], Michigan, US
8M8 Lewiston [Eagle II Airport], Michigan, US
9C8 Evart [Muni], Michigan, US
MI46 South Lyon [Heliflite Heliport], Michigan, US
M47 Hale [Sage Lake SPB], Michigan, US

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