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Location codes 101-120 of 489 in Michigan, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MI05 Clio [Cromptons Strip], Michigan, US
MI28 St. Johns [Archer Memorial Field], Michigan, US
MI74 Detroit [WDIV-TV Channel 4 Heliport], Michigan, US
55MI Detroit [Ascension St. John Hospital Heliport], Michigan, US
03MI Bay City [Harold Miller Heliport], Michigan, US
MI44 Mount Pleasant [D J Airport], Michigan, US
3S5 St. Johns [Schiffer Acres Airport], Michigan, US
25MI St. Johns [Howard Airfield], Michigan, US
2MI6 Whittemore [The Farm Airport], Michigan, US
3L7 Lincoln [Milwrick Flying M Airport], Michigan, US
1MI7 Mt Pleasant [Mymichigan Medical Center - Mount Pleasant Heliport], Michigan, US
4Y4 Gaylord [Lakes of The North Airport], Michigan, US
MI50 Ann Arbor [CS Mott Heliport], Michigan, US
MI46 South Lyon [Heliflite Heliport], Michigan, US
4Y8 Yale [Para Field], Michigan, US
6Y4 Rock [Van Effen Field], Michigan, US
4M0 Traverse City [Lake Ann Airway Estates Airport], Michigan, US
24C Lowell [Lowell City Airport], Michigan, US
48D Clare [Muni], Michigan, US
MI96 Detroit [Detroit Border Patrol Heliport], Michigan, US

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