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Location codes 21-40 of 496 in Michigan, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KPHN PHN PHN Port Huron [St. Clair County Intl], Michigan, US
KAPN APN APN Alpena [Alpena County Regional], Michigan, US
KONZ ONZ Detroit/Grosse Ile [Grosse Ile Muni], Michigan, US
KHYX HYX Saginaw [Saginaw County H W Browne Airport], Michigan, US
KARB ARB ARB Ann Arbor [Muni], Michigan, US
KMOP MOP MOP Mount Pleasant [Muni], Michigan, US
KMTC MTC MTC Mount Clemens [Selfridge Angb Airport], Michigan, US
KCVX CVX Charlevoix [Muni], Michigan, US
DTT Detroit [Metro Area], Michigan, US
KIMT IMT IMT Iron Mountain/Kingsford [Ford Airport], Michigan, US
KANJ ANJ Sault Ste. Marie [Muni/Sanderson Field], Michigan, US
KBIV BIV Holland [West Michigan Regional], Michigan, US
KJXN JXN JXN Jackson [Jackson County-Reynolds Field], Michigan, US
KMCD MCD MCD Mackinac Island, Michigan, US
KIWD IWD IWD Ironwood [Gogebic-Iron County Airport], Michigan, US
KHAI HAI HAI Three Rivers [Muni Dr Haines], Michigan, US
KDUH DUH Lambertville [Toledo Suburban Airport], Michigan, US
KRQB WBR RQB Big Rapids [Roben-Hood Airport], Michigan, US
KOZW OZW Howell [Livingston County Spencer J Hardy Airport], Michigan, US
KLWA LWA South Haven [South Haven Area Regional], Michigan, US

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