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Location codes 121-140 of 226 in Maryland, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MD22 Deale, Maryland, US
3MD8 Cambridge [Pokety Airport], Maryland, US
3W3 Stevensville [Kentmorr Airpark], Maryland, US
MD20 Taneytown [Makoutz Airport], Maryland, US
3MD4 Annapolis [Fairview Airport], Maryland, US
MD36 Glen Burnie [Tar Cove Heliport], Maryland, US
26MD Baltimore [Cmti Heliport], Maryland, US
MD48 Long Green [Albrecht Airstrip], Maryland, US
MD32 Fort Detrick (Frederick) [Fort Detrick Helipad], Maryland, US
MD78 Woodbine, Maryland, US
MD25 Columbia [Howard County General Hospital Heliport], Maryland, US
3MD0 Frederick [Burhans Memorial Airport], Maryland, US
MD14 Benedict [Robinson Airport], Maryland, US
02MD Brandywine [Garner Field], Maryland, US
1MD5 Laytonsville [Federal Support Center Heliport], Maryland, US
MD75 Urbana [Stolcrest Airport], Maryland, US
2MD8 Oakland [Greater Gortner Airport], Maryland, US
7MD3 Frederick [Frederick Health Hospital Heliport], Maryland, US
5MD1 Brooklandville [Brooklandville Heliport], Maryland, US
MD95 Finksburg [Reservoir Airport], Maryland, US

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