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Location codes 101-120 of 505 in Louisiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
07LS Monroe [Louisiana State Police Troop F Heliport], Louisiana, US
0R5 Winnfield [David G Joyce Airport], Louisiana, US
7LA4 Bristol [Kibs Air Park], Louisiana, US
M79 Rayville [John H Hooks Jr. Memorial Airport], Louisiana, US
LA12 Kenner [Louisiana State Police Troop B Heliport], Louisiana, US
01LA Oak Ridge [Barham Airport], Louisiana, US
LA99 Baton Rouge [Medical Center of Baton Rouge Heliport], Louisiana, US
3LA8 Lake Charles [Open A-1 Ranch Airport], Louisiana, US
0LS7 New Roads [Morgan Field], Louisiana, US
4LA4 Leeville [Chevron USA Inc. Heliport], Louisiana, US
9LS9 Tendal [4b Ranch Airport], Louisiana, US
34LS Lacombe [La Medical Center & Heart Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US
31LS New Iberia [Helicopter Management Heliport], Louisiana, US
LS35 St. Francisville [Nauga Field], Louisiana, US
27LS Baton Rouge [Louisiana Dotd Headquarters Heliport], Louisiana, US
98LA Covington [Louisiana State Police Troop L Heliport], Louisiana, US
9LS1 Darnell [Bayou Meadows Airport], Louisiana, US
LA64 Amelia [Bayou Boeuf SPB], Louisiana, US
LS22 Greensburg [St. Helena Parish Hospital Heliport], Louisiana, US
LA72 New Iberia [Iberia Medical Center North Heliport], Louisiana, US

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