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Location codes 21-40 of 505 in Louisiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KHZR HZR New Roads [False River Regional], Louisiana, US
KDRI DRI DRI De Ridder [Beauregard Regional], Louisiana, US
KAPS APS Reserve [Port of South Louisiana Exec Regional], Louisiana, US
KBXA BXA BXA Bogalusa [George R Carr Memorial Air Field], Louisiana, US
KRSN RSN RSN Ruston [Ruston Regional], Louisiana, US
BCS 65LA Belle Chasse [Southern Seaplane Airport], Louisiana, US
KTVR TVR Tallulah [Vicksburg Tallulah Regional], Louisiana, US
KASD ASD Slidell, Louisiana, US
KMKV MKV Marksville [Muni], Louisiana, US
KIER IER Natchitoches [Natchitoches Regional], Louisiana, US
KREG REG Gonzales [Louisiana Regional], Louisiana, US
KIYA IYA Abbeville [Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport], Louisiana, US
KUXL UXL Sulphur [Southland Field], Louisiana, US
KBQP BQP Bastrop [Morehouse Memorial Airport], Louisiana, US
44LA Dry Creek [B T & K H Ranch Airport], Louisiana, US
KGNI GNI Grand Isle [Grand Isle SPB], Louisiana, US
29LA Baton Rouge [Our Lady of The Lake Regional Medical Center Heliport], Louisiana, US
UCE 4R7 Eunice, Louisiana, US
KMNE MNE Minden, Louisiana, US
13LS Kaplan [Tee Brad's Airport], Louisiana, US

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