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Location codes 101-120 of 267 in Kentucky, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
41KY Louisville [Uofl Health - Jewish Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
20KY Verona [Verona Landing Airport], Kentucky, US
65KY Middlesboro [ARH Heliport], Kentucky, US
7KY0 Murray [Murray Calloway County Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
13KY Owensboro [Miles Airport], Kentucky, US
2KY9 La Grange [Baptist Health La Grange Heliport], Kentucky, US
97KY Louisville [Greener Horizons Heliport], Kentucky, US
3KY9 Shelbyville [Miles Field], Kentucky, US
33KY Utica [Bigger Airport (Stol)], Kentucky, US
2KY3 Bowling Green [Plane-O-Field], Kentucky, US
I96 Columbia [Columbia-Adair County Airport], Kentucky, US
09KY Louisville [Baptist Hospital East Heliport], Kentucky, US
3KY1 Utica [Goode Airpark], Kentucky, US
4KY0 Hardin [J & C Antique Airfield], Kentucky, US
6KY6 Louisville [Jeffries Farm Airport], Kentucky, US
10KY Louisville [Southwest Government Center Heliport], Kentucky, US
11KY Louisville [Southwest Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
26KY Louisville [University Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
6KY9 Russell [Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
2I3 Falls of Rough [Rough River State Park Airport], Kentucky, US

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