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Location codes 61-80 of 267 in Kentucky, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
69KY Cub Run [Lakeview Airport], Kentucky, US
0KY6 Horse Cave [The Medical Center Heliport at Caverna], Kentucky, US
37KY Lexington [UK Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
6KY1 Lebanon [Spring View Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
0JY9 Flemingsburg [Fleming Co. Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
05KT Frankfort [High Point Farm Airport], Kentucky, US
7JY7 Russell Springs [Russell Springs Co. Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
85KY New Castle [Deer Run Airpark], Kentucky, US
1KY9 Cumberland [ARH Tri City Clinic Heliport], Kentucky, US
3KY6 South Williamson [Williamson ARH Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
32KY Edgewood [St. Elizabeth Medical Center South Heliport], Kentucky, US
44KY Chavies [Duff Airport], Kentucky, US
07KY Louisville [Blue Lick Airport], Kentucky, US
1KY0 Richmond [Sof Maintenance Site Heliport], Kentucky, US
08KY Burnside [Boss Airport], Kentucky, US
9KY1 Hyden [Mary Breckinridge ARH Heliport], Kentucky, US
67KY Florence [Estes Airport], Kentucky, US
81KY Franklin [The Medical Center Heliport at Franklin], Kentucky, US
1KY7 Richmond [Jordan Hill Farm Airport], Kentucky, US
4KY7 Verona [Mueller Farm Airport], Kentucky, US

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