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Location codes 21-40 of 270 in Kentucky, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KHVC HVC Hopkinsville [Hopkinsville-Christian County Airport], Kentucky, US
KSYM SYM Morehead [Morehead-Rowan County Clyde A Thomas Regional], Kentucky, US
KTWT TWT Sturgis [Muni], Kentucky, US
KBRY BRY BRY Bardstown [Samuels Field], Kentucky, US
KEKX EKX EKX Elizabethtown [Addington Field], Kentucky, US
KDWU DWU Ashland [Ashland Regional], Kentucky, US
KFGX FGX Flemingsburg [Fleming-Mason Airport], Kentucky, US
KCPF CPF Hazard [Wendell H Ford Airport], Kentucky, US
KTZV TZV Tompkinsville [Tompkinsville-Monroe County Airport], Kentucky, US
KJKL JKL Jackson [Julian Carroll Airport], Kentucky, US
KFIO KY29 Paducah [Farrington Airpark], Kentucky, US
KSJS SJS Prestonsburg [Big Sandy Regional], Kentucky, US
KRGA RGA Richmond [Central Kentucky Regional], Kentucky, US
KAAS AAS Campbellsville [Taylor County Airport], Kentucky, US
KBYL BYL Williamsburg [Williamsburg-Whitley County Airport], Kentucky, US
47KY Hardinsburg [B M H Heliport], Kentucky, US
12KY New Castle [John M Foree Airport], Kentucky, US
15KT Manchester [AE109 Heliport], Kentucky, US
46KY Fort Thomas [St. Elizabeth-Ft Thomas Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US
9KY3 Mt Sterling [Montgomery County Fire Heliport], Kentucky, US

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