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Location codes 161-180 of 387 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
4KS8 Bird City [Bursch Airport (Private)], Kansas, US
8K2 Harper [Muni], Kansas, US
47KS Baldwin City [Maxwell Airport], Kansas, US
SN21 Baldwin City [Flory Airport], Kansas, US
44KS Wichita [Vankirk Airport], Kansas, US
3JC Junction City [Freeman Field], Kansas, US
4KS6 Hartford [Thomsen Field], Kansas, US
07KS Augusta [Heape Field], Kansas, US
2KS5 Plains [Muni], Kansas, US
72K Wichita [Westport Auxiliary Airport], Kansas, US
SN18 Augusta [Sills Air Park], Kansas, US
1KS8 Scott City [Buehler Airport], Kansas, US
26KS Wellington [St. Lukes Hospital Heliport], Kansas, US
K50 Rose Hill [Cook Airfield], Kansas, US
3K7 Leoti [Mark Hoard Memorial Airport], Kansas, US
06KS Wichita [Riverside Hospital Airlift Heliport], Kansas, US
2KS6 Seneca [Flying H Airport], Kansas, US
5K0 Bird City [Bressler Field], Kansas, US
7KS3 Arma [Youvan Airport], Kansas, US
48SN Wichita [Lifeteam 20 Heliport], Kansas, US

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