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Location codes 121-140 of 383 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
64KS Sylvan Grove [Minnow Creek Airport], Kansas, US
K87 Hiawatha [Muni], Kansas, US
SN16 Kechi [Curtis Airport], Kansas, US
K91 Horton [Muni], Kansas, US
K82 Smith Center [Muni], Kansas, US
2KS9 Topeka [Starshire Farm Airport], Kansas, US
SN11 Caney [Muni Hospital Helicopter Pad], Kansas, US
SN21 Baldwin City [Flory Airport], Kansas, US
SN12 Meade [Jenkinson Airport], Kansas, US
8K8 Cimarron [Muni], Kansas, US
SN42 Ottawa [Harrod Airport], Kansas, US
90KS Topeka [Sunset Strip Airpark], Kansas, US
47K Moundridge [Muni], Kansas, US
1KS8 Scott City [Buehler Airport], Kansas, US
K75 Osborne [Muni], Kansas, US
5K0 Bird City [Bressler Field], Kansas, US
K68 Garnett [Muni], Kansas, US
33K Kinsley [Muni], Kansas, US
SN03 Lenora [Muni], Kansas, US
01K Caldwell [Muni], Kansas, US

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