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Location codes 101-120 of 383 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SN98 Satanta [Anton Flying UV Airport], Kansas, US
2K7 Neodesha [Muni], Kansas, US
55K Oxford [Muni], Kansas, US
7KS8 Oberlin [Shaw Aerial Spraying Airport], Kansas, US
34KS Wichita [St. Joseph Heliport], Kansas, US
24KS Viola [Weiss Acres Airport], Kansas, US
SN20 Augusta [Brady-Pippin Airport], Kansas, US
K78 Abilene [Muni], Kansas, US
5K2 Tribune [Muni], Kansas, US
SN55 Friend [R J C Farms Inc. Airport], Kansas, US
19S Sublette [Muni], Kansas, US
K64 Baldwin City [Vinland Valley Aerodrome], Kansas, US
4KS5 Wichita (Maize) [Maize Airport], Kansas, US
K79 Jetmore [Muni], Kansas, US
K67 Oswego [Muni], Kansas, US
SN68 Valley Center [Lil Bird Airport], Kansas, US
3KS5 Valley Center [High Point Airport], Kansas, US
61K Sedan [Sedan City Airport], Kansas, US
SN60 Lansing [LCF Heliport], Kansas, US
43K Marion [Muni], Kansas, US

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