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Location codes 41-60 of 387 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KFLV FLV FLV Fort Leavenworth [Sherman AAF Airport], Kansas, US
KEMP EMP EMP Emporia [Muni], Kansas, US
KPTT PTT PTT Pratt [Pratt Regional], Kansas, US
KLQR LQR Larned [Larned-Pawnee County Airport], Kansas, US
KOIN OIN Oberlin [Muni], Kansas, US
KCFV CFV CFV Coffeyville [Muni], Kansas, US
KMYZ MYZ Marysville [Muni], Kansas, US
KUKL UKL Burlington [Coffey County Airport], Kansas, US
KHQG HQG Hugoton [Muni], Kansas, US
KOEL OEL Oakley [Muni], Kansas, US
KRPB RPB Belleville [Muni], Kansas, US
KADT ADT Atwood [Atwood-Rawlins County City-County Airport], Kansas, US
KCBK CBK CBK Colby [Shalz Field], Kansas, US
KPHG PHG Phillipsburg [Muni], Kansas, US
KNRN NRN Norton [Muni], Kansas, US
KCNU CNU CNU Chanute [Chanute Martin Johnson Airport], Kansas, US
KMPR MPR MPR McPherson, Kansas, US
KEHA EHA Elkhart [Elkhart-Morton County Airport], Kansas, US
KHRU HRU Herington [Herington Regional], Kansas, US
(KCK) Kansas City [Fairfax Muni (Fairfax AAF, Sweeney Airport)], Kansas, US (Airport is no longer in operation)

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