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Location codes 321-340 of 383 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
96KS Glasco [Palmer Field], Kansas, US
23KS Lindsborg [Kentucky Creek Landing Airport], Kansas, US
98KS Montezuma [Rexford Airport], Kansas, US
SN95 Sylvia [Roberts Air Field], Kansas, US
K38 Washington [Washington County Veteran's Memorial Airport], Kansas, US
8KS2 Hamilton [King Ranch Airport], Kansas, US
SN69 Hammond [Emmerson Airport], Kansas, US
SN90 McLouth [Eibes Airfield], Kansas, US
4KS1 Wellsville [Amar Farms Airport], Kansas, US
SN84 Leavenworth [Blaser's Airport], Kansas, US
0KS8 Parsons [Pearce Field], Kansas, US
SN10 Belle Plaine [Belle Plaine Farms Airport], Kansas, US
SN32 Belle Plaine [Rands Airport], Kansas, US
00FD Winfiled [Davis Field], Kansas, US
62KS Cottonwood Falls [Dexter Field], Kansas, US
1KS1 Richmond [Cochran Airport], Kansas, US
5KS0 Anthony [Anthony Balloonport], Kansas, US
SN72 Harris [Graham Farms Airport], Kansas, US
9KS7 Harris [Miller Airport], Kansas, US
94KS Macksville [Smith Field], Kansas, US

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