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Location codes 281-300 of 383 in Kansas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SN70 Harper [Kaypod Airport], Kansas, US
17KS Salina [Tamarack Landing Airport], Kansas, US
36KS Galesburg [White Farms Airport], Kansas, US
54KS Wellsville [Michael Airport], Kansas, US
SN46 Benton [Taylor Airport], Kansas, US
SN40 Derby [Olson Aerodrome], Kansas, US
04KS Minneola [Kraemer Airfield], Kansas, US
8K0 Bucklin, Kansas, US
SN36 Conway Springs [Wamsley Field], Kansas, US
77KS Augusta [Riverbend Ranch Airport], Kansas, US
1K7 Fredonia, Kansas, US
SN63 Haviland [Gail Ballard Airport], Kansas, US
SN76 Hutchinson [Sunflower Aerodrome Gliderport], Kansas, US
75KS Minneola [Esplund Farm Airport], Kansas, US
SN73 Salina [Salina Regional Health Center Heliport], Kansas, US
63KS Seneca [Heinen Airport], Kansas, US
85KS Winchester [Sanders Airport], Kansas, US
7KS9 Bentley [Eagle Field], Kansas, US
SN62 Bentley [Roberts Field], Kansas, US
61KS Troy [Masters Field], Kansas, US

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