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Location codes 161-180 of 515 in Indiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
9II1 Hatfield [Short Stop Airport], Indiana, US
1IN6 Pine Village [Cottingham Airport], Indiana, US
0II0 Albany [Chuck's Airport], Indiana, US
27II Indianapolis [Fort Benjamin Harrison Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
4II0 Delphi [De Ford Airport], Indiana, US
IN26 Milan [McPherson Airfield], Indiana, US
12IN Darmstadt [J & S Field], Indiana, US
IN07 Marysville [Twin Lakes Airport], Indiana, US
31IN Lafayette [Timber House Airport], Indiana, US
2R2 Indianapolis [Hendricks County-Gordon Graham Field], Indiana, US
67IN Rising Sun [Rising Sun SPB], Indiana, US
II07 Cloverdale [Clover Knoll Airport], Indiana, US
II26 Remington [Ashby Airport], Indiana, US
IN0 Stroh [Big Turkey Lake SPB], Indiana, US
II74 Wakarusa [Eby Field], Indiana, US
8II7 Indianapolis [Rolls-Royce Plant 8 Heliport], Indiana, US
6II5 Indianapolis [Southport Heliport], Indiana, US
25II Aboite [GM Heliport], Indiana, US
07I Bloomington [Lake Monroe SPB], Indiana, US
1I3 Bloomfield [Shawnee Field], Indiana, US

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