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Location codes 501-520 of 520 in Indiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
73II Connersville [Nulltown Wingnuts Ultralight Flightpark], Indiana, US
08II Lagrange [Parkview Lagrange Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
IN5 Woolcottville [Adams Lake SPB], Indiana, US
55II Franklin [Johnson Memorial Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
II21 Ligonier [Zollinger Strip], Indiana, US
IN96 Logansport [Memorial Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
IN18 Harlan [Hook Field], Indiana, US
IN85 Huntington [Bowlin Airport], Indiana, US
IG03 Paragon [Bluebird Airport], Indiana, US
44IN Veedersburg [Campbell Field], Indiana, US
II49 Lamar [Foertsch Airport], Indiana, US
IN44 Salem [Habermel Airport], Indiana, US
3IN5 Albion [Pippenger Airport], Indiana, US
17II Walkerton [Dreessen Field], Indiana, US
56I Kendallville [Big Long Lake SPB], Indiana, US
IN09 Greenfield [Schleter Field], Indiana, US
I01 Lagrange [Dallas Lake SPB], Indiana, US
2IN Lagrange [Oliver Lake SPB], Indiana, US
IN16 Crown Point [Crown Point Airfield], Indiana, US
08IN Gas City [Marion Health Heliport], Indiana, US

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