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Location codes 281-300 of 517 in Indiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
I00 Monticello [Lake Shafer SPB], Indiana, US
52IN Angola [Strebig Airport], Indiana, US
4IN7 Attica [Riley Field], Indiana, US
01H Culver [Lake Maxinkuckee SPB], Indiana, US
5I4 Sheridan, Indiana, US
2II6 Tipton [Baird-Wolford Airport], Indiana, US
IN39 Lake Village [Blackhawk Airport], Indiana, US
99II Reelsville [Cooper Field], Indiana, US
IN52 Speedway [500 Heliport], Indiana, US
IN89 Wabash [Parkview Wabash Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
II32 Chandler [Raceway Airport], Indiana, US
IN65 Shipshewana [Wolfe Field], Indiana, US
5IN1 Avon [Indiana University Health West Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
IN84 Martinsville [Iu Health Morgan Heliport], Indiana, US
IN28 Munster [Community Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
IN72 Union Dale [Mayer Airport], Indiana, US
0IN1 Decker [Snider Field], Indiana, US
IN27 Francesville [Culp Airport], Indiana, US
8I3 Kokomo [Glenndale Airport], Indiana, US
IN49 Shelbyville [Pherigo Airport], Indiana, US

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