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Location codes 261-280 of 517 in Indiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
IN69 Monterey [Blackmon Field], Indiana, US
IN74 Muncie [Ball Memorial Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
2IN0 Ossian [Skip's Place Airport], Indiana, US
9IN4 Decker [Bandmill Field], Indiana, US
8II9 Zionsville [Summe Farm Heliport], Indiana, US
C67 Angola [Lake Pleasant SPB], Indiana, US
3II0 Fremont [Murphy Airport], Indiana, US
IN13 Cedar Lake [Bianchi Heliport], Indiana, US
62II Wabash [Parkview Wabash Hospital Emergency Heliport], Indiana, US
II77 Albany [Finney's Airpark], Indiana, US
1IN5 Somerville [Bottoms Brothers Airport], Indiana, US
IN39 Lake Village [Blackhawk Airport], Indiana, US
5I6 Galveston, Indiana, US
32IN Rising Sun [Scudder Field], Indiana, US
IG00 Angola [Cameron Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
I00 Monticello [Lake Shafer SPB], Indiana, US
IN56 Muncie [Carroll's Airpark], Indiana, US
8IS2 Roanoke [Kilsoquah Farm Airport], Indiana, US
IN52 Speedway [500 Heliport], Indiana, US
II32 Chandler [Raceway Airport], Indiana, US

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