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Location codes 181-200 of 515 in Indiana, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
6IN6 Monrovia [Pegasus Farms Airfield], Indiana, US
8IN9 Amo [Marcidale Airport], Indiana, US
07II North Vernon [St. Vincent Jennings Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US
5IN4 Valparaiso [Wyckoff Airstrip], Indiana, US
7L8 Indianapolis [Post-Air Airport], Indiana, US
8IN8 Bremen [Community Hospital of Bremen Heliport], Indiana, US
II03 Milan [Buell Airport], Indiana, US
8II6 Indianapolis [Rolls Royce Plant 5 Heliport], Indiana, US
43IN St. Wendel [Hepler Airport], Indiana, US
40IN Freetown [Cherry Hill Airport], Indiana, US
13IN Decatur [Gage Airport], Indiana, US
II30 Carlisle [Ridgway Flying Service Airport], Indiana, US
IN43 Pekin [Spring Lake Airport], Indiana, US
8II8 Indianapolis [Allison Plant 3 Heliport], Indiana, US
9IN1 Indianapolis [Franciscan Health Indianapolis Heliport], Indiana, US
70II Shelbyville [Nasby Airport], Indiana, US
50IN Crawfordsville [Ropkey Field], Indiana, US
8A4 Indianapolis [Indianapolis Downtown Heliport], Indiana, US
IN41 Union Mills [Flying U Ranch Airport], Indiana, US
68II Frankfort [Clinton County Fairgrounds Heliport], Indiana, US

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