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Location codes 121-140 of 712 in Illinois, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
C73 Dixon [Muni-Charles R Walgreen Field], Illinois, US
03IL Monee [Wix Airport], Illinois, US
2IL0 Shannon [Sneek Airport], Illinois, US
06C Chicago/Schaumburg [Schaumburg Regional], Illinois, US
75IS Chicago [Lurie Childrens Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US
6IS7 Chicago [Presence Sts Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport], Illinois, US
3MY Peoria [Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport], Illinois, US
1H8 Casey [Muni], Illinois, US
IS80 De Kalb [Uncle Chuck's Airport], Illinois, US
3IS1 Blue Mound [McCoy Airport], Illinois, US
IL69 Chicago [First Area Police HDQTRS Heliport], Illinois, US
9IL5 Highland Park [City of Highland Park Heliport], Illinois, US
18IL La Grange [Amita Health Medical Center La Grange Heliport], Illinois, US
0LL4 La Salle [Flaherty Field], Illinois, US
22LL Ottawa [Pike's Airport], Illinois, US
I63 Mount Sterling [Muni], Illinois, US
35IL La Moille [Clarion Field], Illinois, US
4LL9 Morrisonville [Alan B Janssen Airport], Illinois, US
4IL7 Brussels [Brussels Heliport], Illinois, US
92IL Cairo [Hunter Raffety Elevators Inc. Airport], Illinois, US

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