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Location codes 281-300 of 305 in Idaho, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
U45 Atlanta [Graham USFS Airport], Idaho, US
33ID Fairfield [Ozzy's Airport], Idaho, US
59ID Palisades [Palisades Field Ultralight Flightpark], Idaho, US
52U Atlanta [Weatherby USFS Airport], Idaho, US
75C Orogrande, Idaho, US
ID11 Stites [Southfork River Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
93ID Riggins [Salmon River Helicopters Heliport], Idaho, US
36ID Atlanta [Dorothy Roeber Memorial Heliport], Idaho, US
ID84 Headquarters [CPTPA Headquarters Airport], Idaho, US
0ID9 Helmer [Corral Creek Airport], Idaho, US
U54 Bernard [Bernard USFS Airport], Idaho, US
ID52 Salmon [40 Acre Airstrip], Idaho, US
ID67 Horseshoe Bend [Sands Airport], Idaho, US
1ID8 Gooding [North Canyon Medical Center, Inc. Heliport], Idaho, US
1ID2 Horseshoe Bend [Horseshoe Bend Heliport], Idaho, US
U91 Grasmere, Idaho, US
ID10 Marsing [Weitz Airport], Idaho, US
ID53 Rupert [Minidoka Memorial Hospital Heliport], Idaho, US
D47 Challis [Cougar Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
ID8 Challis [Marble Creek Airport], Idaho, US

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