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Location codes 261-280 of 305 in Idaho, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ID33 Clarkia [Stocking Meadows Airport], Idaho, US
U93 Hailey [Magic Reservoir Airport], Idaho, US
ID57 Lewiston [Red Bird Airport], Idaho, US
34ID Cavendish [Freeman Creek Airport], Idaho, US
2U5 Shearer [Shearer Airport (USFS)], Idaho, US
91ID Smith's Ferry [Double Dreidel Heliport], Idaho, US
1ID6 Kimberly [Sligars Landing Heliport], Idaho, US
ID20 Post Falls [Hubof's Heliport], Idaho, US
S81 Indian Creek [Indian Creek USFS Airport], Idaho, US
0U0 Landmark [Landmark USFS Airport], Idaho, US
ID07 Post Falls [Nichols Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
2ID3 Triangle [Josephine Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
05ID Grangeville [Running Creek Ranch Airport], Idaho, US
ID42 Bruneau [Poplar Point Airport], Idaho, US
2ID6 Fruitland [Lemons Field], Idaho, US
ID40 Marsing [Sunrise Skypark Airport], Idaho, US
18ID Mountain Home [Elmore Medical Center Heliport], Idaho, US
07ID Oldtown [Shepard Strip], Idaho, US
19ID Riggins [Race Creek Heliport], Idaho, US
3ID4 Glenns Ferry [Health Center Heliport], Idaho, US

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