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Location codes 161-180 of 485 in Georgia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GA30 Clarkesville [Rockin R Airport], Georgia, US
GA93 Fayetteville [AE153 Base Heliport], Georgia, US
OCNM Macon [Ocmulgee NM (Ocmulgee National Monument)], Georgia, US
25J Cuthbert [Lower Chattahoochee Regional], Georgia, US
82GA Wadley [Paces South Farms Airport], Georgia, US
8GA6 Griffin [S & S Landing Strip], Georgia, US
82A Buena Vista [Marion County Airport], Georgia, US
00GA Lithonia [LT World Airport], Georgia, US
9A5 Lafayette [Barwick Lafayette Airport], Georgia, US
GA73 Concord [Shade Tree Airport], Georgia, US
1GE1 Blue Ridge [Georgia Mountain Heliport], Georgia, US
98GA Indian Springs [Circle T Airport], Georgia, US
GA97 Perry [Guardian Centers of Georgia Heliport], Georgia, US
9GA5 Americus [Lowell Field], Georgia, US
59GA Winder [Barrow Medical Center Heliport], Georgia, US
9A0 Dahlonega [Lumpkin County-Wimpys Airport], Georgia, US
13GE Oak Park [Holt Airpark], Georgia, US
GA61 Brooks [Kenley Field], Georgia, US
4GA6 Douglasville [Chattahoochee Air Park], Georgia, US
41GA Jonesboro [Falcons Nest Heliport], Georgia, US

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