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Location codes 341-360 of 487 in Georgia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
47GA Pinehurst [Everidge Airport], Georgia, US
GA23 Summerville [Wyatt Airport], Georgia, US
11GE Cumming [Apple 1 Heliport], Georgia, US
GA21 Darien [Patterson Island Airport], Georgia, US
GA33 Lagrange [West Georgia Medical Center Heliport], Georgia, US
3GE3 Carnesville [Broad River Air Park], Georgia, US
5GA9 Carrollton [Rayworth Landing Airport], Georgia, US
7GE5 Centralhatchee [Sunset Strip], Georgia, US
GA04 Locust Grove [Mallards Landing Airport], Georgia, US
3GA9 Zebulon [Vintage Field], Georgia, US
GA22 Arlington [Jordans Airport], Georgia, US
6GA1 Haralson [Fagundes Field], Georgia, US
1GA9 Monroe [Aerie Airport], Georgia, US
3GE5 Conyers [Rockdale Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US
GA78 Baxley [Appling General Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US
GA29 Hollonville [Wellers Landing Airport], Georgia, US
42GA Marietta [Matthews Heliport], Georgia, US
GE72 Royston [Hannah Creek Airport], Georgia, US
GA47 Waycross [Bivins Airport], Georgia, US
66GA Blakely [Sawyer Farm Airport], Georgia, US

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