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Location codes 301-320 of 487 in Georgia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
32GA Eatonton [Sebastian Cove Airport], Georgia, US
GA43 Guyton [Briggs Field], Georgia, US
51A Hawkinsville [Hawkinsville-Pulaski County Airport], Georgia, US
51GA Tyrone [Smith Field], Georgia, US
7GE7 Greenville [Rough Country Airport], Georgia, US
GA00 Monroe [Kintail Farm Airport], Georgia, US
17GA Newnan [Panther Creek Airport], Georgia, US
3GA3 Lookout Mountain [Warren Field], Georgia, US
22GA Plainville [Riverside Airport], Georgia, US
GA07 Americus [Air Evac Base 86 Heliport], Georgia, US
2GA5 Concord [Windrift Aerodrome], Georgia, US
9GE7 Covington [Neely Farms Airport], Georgia, US
GA36 Kingsland [Readdick Field], Georgia, US
4J5 Quitman [Quitman Brooks County Airport], Georgia, US
72GA Shellman Bluff [Barbour Island Airport], Georgia, US
4GA1 Concord [Thacker Field], Georgia, US
GE00 Evans [Morris SPB], Georgia, US
GE04 Mulberry Grove [McLendon Field], Georgia, US
21GA Newnan [Piedmont Hospital-Newnan Heliport], Georgia, US
93GA Swainsboro [Emanuel County Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US

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