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Location codes 101-120 of 925 in Florida, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KNPI Pensacola [Site 8 NOLF], Florida, US
KAGR AGR Avon Park [Macdill AFB Auxiliary Field], Florida, US
KNKL NKL Fort Walton Beach [Holley NOLF Airport], Florida, US
KINF INF Inverness, Florida, US
KNGS NGS Milton [Santa Rosa NOLF Airport], Florida, US
RBN Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas, Florida, US
KNZX NZX Harold [Harold NOLF Heliport], Florida, US
ZWP West Palm Beach [Railway Station], Florida, US
ZUJ Jacksonville [Jacksonville Amtrak Station], Florida, US
ZFT Fort Lauderdale [Railway Station], Florida, US
KNVI NVI Wallace [Pace NOLF Heliport], Florida, US
FL92 Tampa [L M Hughey Heliport], Florida, US
70FA Vero Beach [Wee Bee Sky Ranch Airport], Florida, US
7FA0 Key West [Florida Keys Memorial Hospital Heliport], Florida, US
2FD5 Marathon [The Island Fish Company Heliport], Florida, US
7FA1 Key West [Sugar Loaf Shores Airport], Florida, US
66FL Melbourne [VA Outpatient Clinic Heliport], Florida, US
3FL1 Dade City [Two J's Flying Ranch Airport], Florida, US
FL98 Miami [Kelly Tractor Company Heliport], Florida, US
FL94 Miami [Florida Power & Light Company Heliport], Florida, US

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