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Location codes 1-20 of 43 in Delaware, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KILG ILG ILG Wilmington [New Castle Airport], Delaware, US
KDOV DOV DOV Dover [Dover AFB], Delaware, US
KGED GED GED Georgetown [Delaware Coastal Airport], Delaware, US
ZWI Wilmington [Wilmington Station], Delaware, US
KEVY EVY Middletown [Summit Airport], Delaware, US
DE26 Newark [Christiana Hospital Heliport], Delaware, US
DE30 Wilmington [Bracebridge III Heliport], Delaware, US
DE14 Bridgeville [Huey Airport], Delaware, US
33N Dover/Cheswold [Delaware Airpark], Delaware, US
16DE Wilmington [A I Dupont Children's Hospital Heliport], Delaware, US
DE17 Greenwood [Sugar Hill Airport], Delaware, US
0N4 Dover [Chandelle Estates Airport], Delaware, US
23DE Clayton [Full Throttle Farm Airport], Delaware, US
DE24 Dover [Elliott Heliport], Delaware, US
2DE3 Felton [Hrupsa Airport], Delaware, US
D74 Farmington [Chorman Airport], Delaware, US
38N Smyrna, Delaware, US
DE02 Dover [Delaware State Police Heliport], Delaware, US
DE16 Wilmington [Rollins Building Heliport], Delaware, US
DE29 Smyrna [Scotty's Place Airport], Delaware, US

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