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Location codes 161-180 of 474 in Colorado, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
5CO9 Wray [WCDH Heliport], Colorado, US
2CO0 Fort Collins [Heli-One American Support, LLC Heliport], Colorado, US
CD19 Idaho Springs [Arapahoe Heliport], Colorado, US
CD32 Lake City [Castle Lakes Airport], Colorado, US
CO59 Galeton [Hay Fever Farm Airport], Colorado, US
CD50 Meeker [Teepee Park Heliport], Colorado, US
2CO2 Alamosa [Las Arenas Earth and Sky Observatory Airport], Colorado, US
17V Haxtun [Muni], Colorado, US
60CO Glenwood Springs [Valley View Hospital Heliport], Colorado, US
CD52 Mount Princeton [Mount Princeton Heliport], Colorado, US
81CO Steamboat Springs [Mesa 1 Airport], Colorado, US
CO09 Boone [Youtsey Airport], Colorado, US
5CO0 Cheyenne Wells [Windy Plains Airport], Colorado, US
CO95 Telluride [True Grit South Airport], Colorado, US
9CO6 Elizabeth [D Bar D Airport], Colorado, US
8CO1 Texas Creek [Prospect Peak Heliport], Colorado, US
76CO Bennett [Hoy Airstrip], Colorado, US
CO15 Elbert [Kelly Air Park], Colorado, US
8CD0 Yuma [Yuma District Hospital Heliport], Colorado, US
31CO Wray [Whomble Airport], Colorado, US

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