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Location codes 101-120 of 475 in Colorado, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CO67 Carr [Big View Airport], Colorado, US
CO40 Denver [Vtol Heliport], Colorado, US
05CO Mead [Rancho De Aereo Airport], Colorado, US
9CO8 Kiowa [Bijou Bottom Strip], Colorado, US
CO58 Firestone [Wings N Things Airpark & Museum], Colorado, US
CO06 New Raymer [Wirth Field], Colorado, US
1CO0 Aurora [The Medical Center of Aurora Heliport], Colorado, US
GRSA Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve [Great Sand Dunes NP], Colorado, US
CO18 Kiowa [Chaparral Airport], Colorado, US
07CO Kiowa [Comanche Creek Airport], Colorado, US
0CD4 Denver [Kauffman Heliport], Colorado, US
6CO0 Eckert/Orchard City [Doctors Mesa Airport], Colorado, US
8V7 Springfield [Muni], Colorado, US
13CO Steamboat Springs [Mann Heliport], Colorado, US
9CO0 Denver [Police Headquarters Heliport], Colorado, US
53CO Two Buttes [Rons Field], Colorado, US
CO36 Kiowa [Elbert County Heliport], Colorado, US
CO68 Frederick [Frederick-Firestone F S #2 Heliport], Colorado, US
7V8 Julesburg [Muni], Colorado, US
8CO3 Canon City [Fremont Peak Heliport], Colorado, US

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