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Location codes 81-100 of 323 in Arizona, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AZ84 Tucson [Pima County Sheriffs Heliport], Arizona, US
65AZ Tucson [St. Marys Helistop], Arizona, US
67AZ Phoenix [Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport], Arizona, US
AZ98 Phoenix [John C Lincoln Helistop], Arizona, US
6AZ0 Scottsdale [Lyon Aviation South Ramp Heliport], Arizona, US
AZ07 Phoenix [Phoenix Area Heliport], Arizona, US
21AZ Show Low [White Mountain Lake Airport], Arizona, US
6AZ8 Tucson [Flying Diamond Airport], Arizona, US
3AZ8 Solomon [High Mesa Airpark], Arizona, US
70AZ Tucson [Regional Public Safety Training Academy Heliport], Arizona, US
AZ62 Phoenix [Inn Place Hotel Heliport], Arizona, US
38AZ Kayenta [Peabody Bedard Field], Arizona, US
AZ67 Tucson [El Tiro Gliderport], Arizona, US
5AZ0 Scottsdale [Lyon Aviation Rooftop Heliport], Arizona, US
4AZ8 Marana [The Ultralight Strip], Arizona, US
AZ48 Phoenix [Banner University Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US
AZ37 Tucson [Tucson Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US
P20 Parker [Avi Suquilla Airport], Arizona, US
61AZ Show Low [White Mountain Ultralight Flightpark], Arizona, US
AZ61 Stanfield [G M Ranch Airport], Arizona, US

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