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Location codes 21-40 of 328 in Arizona, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KGCN GCN GCN Grand Canyon [Grand Canyon National Park Airport], Arizona, US
KSEZ SDX SEZ Sedona, Arizona, US
KSOW SOW SOW Show Low [Show Low Regional], Arizona, US
26AZ Aguila [Flying Dares Ranch Airport], Arizona, US
KGEU GEU Glendale [Muni], Arizona, US
KHII HII HII Lake Havasu City, Arizona, US
KLUF LUF LUF Glendale [Luke AFB], Arizona, US
KSJN SJN SJN St. Johns [St. Johns Industrial Air Park], Arizona, US
KAZC AZC Colorado City [Muni], Arizona, US
KCHD CHD Chandler [Muni], Arizona, US
KBXK BXK BXK Buckeye [Muni], Arizona, US
KRYN RYN Tucson [Ryan Field], Arizona, US
AFNM Agua Fria National Monument [Agua Fria NM], Arizona, US
CACH Canyon de Chelly National Monument [Canyon de Chelly NM], Arizona, US
KOLS OLS OLS Nogales [Intl], Arizona, US
KDGL DGL DGL Douglas [Muni], Arizona, US
BSQ P04 Bisbee [Muni], Arizona, US
KLGF LGF LGF Yuma Proving Ground (Yuma) [Laguna AAF Airport (Yuma Proving Ground)], Arizona, US
KRQE RQE Window Rock, Arizona, US
KINW INW INW Winslow [Winslow-Lindbergh Regional], Arizona, US

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