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Location codes 201-220 of 326 in Arizona, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
25AZ Portal [Mystery Well Ranch Airport], Arizona, US
28AZ Aguila [Sampleys Airport], Arizona, US
20AZ Meadview [GC Heliport], Arizona, US
4AZ9 Willcox [Leroy Airport], Arizona, US
CHIR Chiricahua National Monument [Chiricahua NM], Arizona, US
09AZ St. David [Stronghold Airport], Arizona, US
AZ59 Tempe [Cross Cut Heliport], Arizona, US
U30 Temple Bar, Arizona, US
0AZ4 Mobile [Flying Bucket Ranch Airport], Arizona, US
81AZ Scottsdale [Hangar 5 Heliport], Arizona, US
AZ22 Cottonwood [Marcus J Lawrence Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US
AZ23 Flagstaff [Flagstaff Mall Heliport], Arizona, US
AZ13 Maricopa [Schu Ranch Airport], Arizona, US
AZ05 Gila Bend [Lakeside Airpark], Arizona, US
AZ27 Prescott [Big Springs Ranch Airport], Arizona, US
76AZ Goodyear [West Valley Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US
6AZ2 Heber [Wisky Ranch/Chevlon Airport], Arizona, US
AZ03 Marble Canyon [Cliff Dwellers Airport], Arizona, US
AZ70 Prescott Valley [Versatile Heliport], Arizona, US
AZ43 Maricopa [Hidden Valley Airport], Arizona, US

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