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Location codes 161-180 of 319 in Alabama, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AL51 Crawford [Flying C'S Plantation Airport], Alabama, US
25AL Fort Rucker/Goodman [Lucas Army Heliport], Alabama, US
AL79 Pike Road [Bartlett Ranch Airport], Alabama, US
71AL Greenville [Sells Airport], Alabama, US
AL62 Hartford [Striplin Airfield], Alabama, US
9AL1 Hoover [Brookwood Fed Helipad], Alabama, US
AL89 Opelika [Sommerset Strip], Alabama, US
4AL5 Woodville [J5 Mike Airport], Alabama, US
46AL Sylacauga [Sly Pig's Base SPB], Alabama, US
12J Brewton [Muni], Alabama, US
37AL Pell City [Veterans Heliport], Alabama, US
0J6 Headland [Muni], Alabama, US
61A Camden [Muni], Alabama, US
08A Wetumpka [Muni], Alabama, US
0AL1 Foley [Resort Airport], Alabama, US
AL33 Perdido [Sturdy Oak Farm Airport], Alabama, US
AL35 Loxley [McGinnis Airport], Alabama, US
4AL7 Flat Rock [Leon's Landing Airport], Alabama, US
1A9 Prattville [Prattville - Grouby Field], Alabama, US
4AL8 Huntsville [Milton Airport], Alabama, US

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