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Location codes 121-140 of 321 in Alabama, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
0A8 Centreville [Bibb County Airport], Alabama, US
15A Creola [Mark Reynolds/North Mobile County Airport], Alabama, US
30AL Danville [Med Flight 2 Heliport], Alabama, US
AL33 Perdido [Sturdy Oak Farm Airport], Alabama, US
24AL Fort Rucker/Dothan [Toth Stagefield Army Heliport], Alabama, US
AL96 Gulf Shores [Bon Secour SPB], Alabama, US
7A5 Roanoke [Muni Enloe], Alabama, US
12J Brewton [Muni], Alabama, US
4AL3 Daphne [Treeo Airport], Alabama, US
0AL4 Fort Payne [Dekalb Regional Medical Center Heliport], Alabama, US
13AL Fort Rucker/Ozark [Hatch Army Heliport], Alabama, US
68AL Greenville [Heart of Dixie Aero Estates Airport], Alabama, US
AL88 Lillian [Ban Farm Airport], Alabama, US
08A Wetumpka [Muni], Alabama, US
11A Clayton [Muni], Alabama, US
19AL Fort Rucker/Ozark [Molinelli Stagefield Army Heliport], Alabama, US
AL29 Blountsville [New Horizon Airport], Alabama, US
M95 Fayette [Richard Arthur Field], Alabama, US
3AL4 Foley [Foley Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US
3AL1 Hartford [Flying H Ranch Airport], Alabama, US

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