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Location codes 41-60 of 321 in Alabama, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KMVC MVC MVC Monroeville [Monroe County Aeroplex Airport], Alabama, US
KPYP PYP Centre [Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional], Alabama, US
KAIV AIV AIV Aliceville [George Downer Airport], Alabama, US
KNFD NFD Summerdale [Summerdale NOLF Airport], Alabama, US
KPRN PRN Greenville [MacCrenshaw Memorial Airport], Alabama, US
7AL7 Madrid [Pratt Landing Airport], Alabama, US
11AL Fort Rucker/Ozark [Ech Stagefield Army Heliport], Alabama, US
KNQB Robertsdale [Silverhill NOLF], Alabama, US
KCMD CMD Cullman [Cullman Regional-Folsom Field], Alabama, US
KDYA DYA Demopolis [Demopolis Regional], Alabama, US
4AL9 Lapine [T W Spear Memorial Airport], Alabama, US
5R7 Bayou La Batre [Roy E Ray Airport], Alabama, US
3A7 Eutaw [Muni], Alabama, US
33J Geneva [Muni], Alabama, US
AL91 Birmingham [The Children's Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US
5AL9 Athens [Athens-Limestone Hospital Helipad], Alabama, US
21AL Fort Rucker/Opp [Skelly Stagefield Army Heliport], Alabama, US
8AL9 Geneva [Wiregrass Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US
AL42 Anniston [The Health Care Authority of The City of Anniston Heliport], Alabama, US
07AL Fort Rucker/Samson [Tac X Stagefield Army Heliport], Alabama, US

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