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Location codes 261-280 of 320 in Alabama, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
4AL4 Hartselle [Froberg Heliport], Alabama, US
AL09 Mentone [Cloudmont Airpark], Alabama, US
AL08 Elberta [Perdido Winds Airpark], Alabama, US
AL18 Gardendale [Parker Field], Alabama, US
4AL1 Wedowee [Tanner East Alabama Heliport], Alabama, US
1AL9 Elberta [Barber Marina Heliport], Alabama, US
AL11 Montgomery [Baptist Medical Center Heliport], Alabama, US
AL44 Moundville, Alabama, US
84AL Pinckard [Blessings Landing Air Ranch Airport], Alabama, US
09A Butler [Butler-Choctaw County Airport], Alabama, US
6AL6 Chatom [Hawthorn Pines Airport], Alabama, US
7AL6 Childersburg [Resolute Forest Products Heliport], Alabama, US
02A Clanton [Chilton County Airport], Alabama, US
1AL4 Robertsdale [Elsanor Airport], Alabama, US
5AL6 Dadeville [Lake Martin Community Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US
4AL6 Summerdale [Bonner Field], Alabama, US
9A4 Courtland, Alabama, US
04AL Anniston [Anniston Army Heliport (Anniston Army Depot)], Alabama, US
AL55 Elberta [Shields Airport], Alabama, US
0AL5 Flomaton, Alabama, US

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