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Location codes 221-230 of 230 in Bahia, Brazil:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SDCS Belmonte [Veracel], Bahia, BR
SIPH Correntina [Fazenda Ipanema], Bahia, BR
SNIT Ibotirama, Bahia, BR
SSFW Mucugê [Fazenda Progresso], Bahia, BR
SJWT Correntina [Fazenda Tucumã], Bahia, BR
SNTY Correntina [Aeropuerto Correntina], Bahia, BR
SDZI Jaborandi [Fazenda Trijunção], Bahia, BR
SNPM Palmeiras, Bahia, BR
(SIKI) Itacaré [Txai Resort Itacaré], Bahia, BR (Heliport is no longer in operation)
(SJUR) Terravista, Bahia, BR (Airport is no longer in operation)

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