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Location codes 1-16 of 16 in Tasmania, Australia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
YMHB HBA Hobart, Tasmania, AU
YMLT LST Launceston, Tasmania, AU
YFLI FLS Flinders Island, Tasmania, AU
YKII KNS King Island, Tasmania, AU
YSTH HLS St. Helens, Tasmania, AU
YDPO DPO Devonport, Tasmania, AU
YSRN SRN Strahan, Tasmania, AU
YWYY BWT Burnie [Wynyard], Tasmania, AU
YCBG Hobart [Cambridge], Tasmania, AU
YQNS UEE Queenstown, Tasmania, AU
YSMI SIO Smithton, Tasmania, AU
YCBN CBI Cape Barren Island, Tasmania, AU
YGTO GEE George Town, Tasmania, AU
LTB Latrobe, Tasmania, AU
YHTR Hunter Island, Tasmania, AU
YVAL Sheffield (The Vale) [The Vale Airfield], Tasmania, AU



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