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Location codes 41-58 of 58 in Komi, Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UUXP Petrun', Komi, RU
UURE Ermicza [Ermicza Heliport], Komi, RU
UUXI Ily'ch [Ily'ch Heliport], Komi, RU
UURA Stroganovka [Stroganovka Heliport], Komi, RU
UURP Priural'sk, Komi, RU
UURL Shhel'yabozh, Komi, RU
UUHE Veyakoshor [Veyakoshor Heliport], Komi, RU
UUYD Denisovka, Komi, RU
UUXG Ust'-Shhugor, Komi, RU
UURG Verkhnekolvinskaya [Verkhnekolvinskaya Heliport], Komi, RU
UUHQ Chernogorskaya, Komi, RU
UURB Bry'kalansk [Bry'kalansk Heliport], Komi, RU
UUHZ Zakharvan', Komi, RU
UURU Mutny'j Materik, Komi, RU
UURZ Zamezhnoe, Komi, RU
UUPE Okunevka [Okunevka Heliport], Komi, RU
UUXM Samoczvetny'j [Samoczvetny'j Heliport], Komi, RU
YY04 Uavr [Uavr Heliport], Komi, RU

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