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Location codes 21-40 of 58 in Komi, Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
UUYT Ust'-Kulom, Komi, RU
UURK Kipievo, Komi, RU
UUYM Emva-Kvadrat, Komi, RU
ULER Kharuta, Komi, RU
UUHN Nericza, Komi, RU
UUPJ Yugy'd [Yugy'd-57 Heliport], Komi, RU
UUYK Vukty'l, Komi, RU
UUYR Troiczko-Pechorsk, Komi, RU
UUXY Ky'rta, Komi, RU
UUPG Grs [Grs-2 Heliport], Komi, RU
UUYZ Adz'vavom [Adz'vavom Heliport], Komi, RU
UUYL Koslan, Komi, RU
UUXC Sopleks [Sopleks-95 Heliport], Komi, RU
UURH Khar'yakha, Komi, RU
UUYB Sinegor'e [Sinegor'e Heliport], Komi, RU
UUXU Ust'-Soplesk, Komi, RU
UURV Medvezhka-1, Komi, RU
UURQ Nyashabozh, Komi, RU
UUXE Ushhel'e [Ushhel'e Heliport], Komi, RU
UUHO Okunevo [Okunevo Heliport], Komi, RU

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