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Location codes 1-15 of 15 in Buryatiya, Russian Federation (Russia):

ICAO  IATA  Location
UIUU UUD Ulan-Ude [Baikal Intl (Mukhino Airport)], Buryatiya, RU
UIUW Ulan-Ude [Vostochny Airport], Buryatiya, RU
UIUS Sosnovo-Ozerskoe, Buryatiya, RU
UIAO Barguzin, Buryatiya, RU
UIUR Varvarinsk [Varvarinsk Airport], Buryatiya, RU
UIUA Bichura [Bichura Airport], Buryatiya, RU
UIUI Ust'-Barguzin, Buryatiya, RU
UIUK Kurumkan, Buryatiya, RU
UIUV Dzhilinda, Buryatiya, RU
UIUH Khorinsk, Buryatiya, RU
UIUT Uakit [Uakit Airport], Buryatiya, RU
UIUN Nizhneangarsk, Buryatiya, RU
UIUX Kabansk, Buryatiya, RU
UIKG Taksimo, Buryatiya, RU
UIUB Bagdarin, Buryatiya, RU



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