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Location codes 1-16 of 16 in Sardinia, Italy:

ICAO  IATA  Location
LIEO OLB Olbia [Costa Smeralda], Sardinia, IT
LIEE CAG Cagliari [Cagliari-Elmas Airport], Sardinia, IT
LIEA AHO Alghero [Fertilia], Sardinia, IT
LIED DCI Decimomannu [Rafsu Decimomannu], Sardinia, IT
LIEG Guardia Vecchia, Sardinia, IT
LIEN Fonni, Sardinia, IT
LIET TTB Tortoĺ (Arbatax), Sardinia, IT
LIEH Cape Caccia, Sardinia, IT
LIER Oristano [Fenosu], Sardinia, IT
LIEL Cape San Lorenzo, Sardinia, IT
LIEC Cape Carbonara, Sardinia, IT
LIEB Cape Bellavista, Sardinia, IT
LIEP Perdasdefogu, Sardinia, IT
LIEF Cape Frasca, Sardinia, IT
LIEM Macomer, Sardinia, IT
(LIES) Monte Serpeddi, Sardinia, IT (Airport is no longer in operation)



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