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Location codes 1-10 of 10 in Emilia-Romagna, Italy:

ICAO  IATA  Location
LIPE BLQ Bologna [Guglielmo Marconi (Borgo Panigale)], Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIPR RMI Rimini [Federico Fellini Intl], Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIMP PMF Parma [Giuseppe Verdi], Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIPK FRL Forlė [Forlė Airport (Luigi Ridolfi Airport)], Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIDR RAN Ravenna [La Spreta (Ravenna Aero Club)], Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIPC Cervia (Ravenna) [Cervia AFB (G. Cenni)], Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIDE Reggio Emilia [Ferdinando Bonazzi Airport], Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIMS QPZ Piacenza (Piacenza San Damiano), Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIKO Ozzano dell'Emilia [Guglielmo Zamboni], Emilia-Romagna, IT
LIPM Modena [Marzaglia], Emilia-Romagna, IT



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