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Location codes 1-19 of 19 in Papua, Indonesia:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WAYY TIM Timika [Mozes Kilangin Airport (Tembagapura Airport)], Irian Jaya Island, Papua, ID
WASF FKQ Fak Fak (Torea), Irian Jaya, Papua, ID
WAKK MKQ Merauke [Mopah], Papua, ID
WABF FOO Biak Numfoor [Numfoor Airport (Kornasoren Airport, Kemiri Airport)], Irian Jaya Island, Papua, ID
WASR MKW Manokwari [Rendani], Irian Jaya, Papua, ID
WAVV WMX Wamena [Wamena Airport], Papua, ID
WABY UGU Bilogai [Bilogai-Sugapa Airport], Papua, ID
WAJR WAR Waris, Papua, ID
WAJM LII Mulia [Mulia Airport], Papua, ID
WAXX WA1A Sorong [Dominique Edward Osok (Sorong Mainland)], Papua, ID
WABT EWI Enarotali [Enarotali Airport], Papua, ID
WAJK Kiwirok [Kiwirok Airport], Papua, ID
WAKO OKQ Okaba [Okaba Airport], Papua, ID
WAJB BUI Bokondini [Bokondini Airport], Papua, ID
WAJT Manggelum [Manggelum Airport], Papua, ID
WAKQ Senggo [Senggo Airport], Papua, ID
WAKM Kamur [Kamur Airport], Papua, ID
WAKL Bomakia [Bomakia Airport], Papua, ID
WASC RSK Ransiki, Papua, ID



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