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Location codes 1-12 of 12 in Maluku, Indonesia:

ICAO  IATA  Location
WAPP AMQ Ambon [Pattimura Airport], Maluku, ID
WAPL LUV Langgur [Dumatubin], Kai Island, Maluku, ID
WAPG NRE Namrole [Namrole Airport], Buru Island, Maluku, ID
WAPV Wahai [Wahai Airport], Maluku, ID
WAPK BJK Benjina [Benjina-Nangasuri Aru Airport], Nangasuri Aru Island, Maluku, ID
WAMA GLX Galela [Gamarmalamo], Maluku, ID
WAME Buli [Buli Airport (Halmahera Island Airport)], Maluku, ID
WAPQ Kisar [John Becker Kisar Airport], Maluku, ID
WAPO Larat [Larat Airport], Maluku, ID
WAPS Mathilda Batlayeri [Mathilda Batlayeri Airport], Maluku, ID
WAPB Bula, Maluku, ID
WAPF Karel Sadsuitubun - Langgur [Karel Sadsuitubun - Langgur Airport], Maluku, ID



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