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Location codes 1-11 of 11 in Matruh (Matrouh), Egypt:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HEAL DBB Dabaa [Al Alamain Intl], Matruh, EG
HEMM MUH Mersa Matruh, Matruh, EG
SEW HE24 Siwa [Oasis North], Matruh, EG
SQK HE40 Sidi Barrani, Matruh, EG
HE41 Misheifa, Matruh, EG
HE19 Alam Barghut [As Sallum], Matruh, EG
HE31 Malan Frein, Matruh, EG
HE18 Habata, Matruh, EG
HE33 Deir El Gill, Matruh, EG
HE11 Badr El Din, Matruh, EG
HE27 Uthman, Matruh, EG



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