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Location codes 1-16 of 16 in Antofagasta, Chile:

ICAO  IATA  Location
SCFA ANF Antofagasta [Andrés Sabella Intl (Cerro Moreno Intl)], Antofagasta, CL
SCCF CJC Calama [El Loa], Antofagasta, CL
SCPE San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta, CL
SHES Antofagasta [Eso Heliport], Antofagasta, CL
SCBE TOQ Tocopilla [Barriles], Antofagasta, CL
SCMB Antofagasta [La Chimba], Antofagasta, CL
SCTT TTC Taltal [Las Breas Airport], Antofagasta, CL
SCSM Salar de Atacama [Misnal Airport], Antofagasta, CL
SCUA Taltal [Guanaco Airport], Antofagasta, CL
SCLE Antofagasta (Calama) [La Escondida Airport], Antofagasta, CL
SCPA Cerro Paranal (Puerto Aguirre) [Cerro Paranal Airport], Antofagasta, CL
SCSL Salar de Atacama [El Salar], Antofagasta, CL
SCGU Antofagasta [Aguas Blancas Airport], Antofagasta, CL
SCOR Sierra Gorda [Algorta Airport], Antofagasta, CL
SCNE María Elena [María Elena Airport], Antofagasta, CL
SHEJ Antofagasta [Cuartel General 1ª División Ejército Heliport], Antofagasta, CL



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