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Location codes 1-20 of 20 in Gulf, Papua-New Guinea:

ICAO  IATA  Location
IOK Iokea, Gulf, PG
YVD Yeva, Gulf, PG
AYWB WAO Wabo [Wabo Airport], Gulf, PG
AYKK KRI Kikori [Kikori Airport], Gulf, PG
KOR Kokoro, Gulf, PG
AYIH IHU Ihu, Gulf, PG
AYKM KMA Kerema, Gulf, PG
AYBA VMU Baimuru, Gulf, PG
TKB Tekadu, Gulf, PG
BRP Biaru, Gulf, PG
KUQ Kuri, Gulf, PG
LNG Lese, Gulf, PG
KEX Kanabea, Gulf, PG
KMF Kamina, Gulf, PG
HWA Hawabango, Gulf, PG
HIT Hivaro, Gulf, PG
KZF Kaintiba, Gulf, PG
MLQ Malalaua, Gulf, PG
TEO Terapo, Gulf, PG
HOC Komako, Gulf, PG



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