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Location codes 1-8 of 8 in Tehran, Iran:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OIIE IKA Tehran (Teheran) [Imam Khomeini Intl (Ahmadabad)], Tehran, IR
OIII THR Tehran (Teheran) [Mehrabad Intl (Qualeh Morgeh)], Tehran, IR
OIID Tehran (Teheran) [Doshan Tappeh AB], Tehran, IR
OIIM Karaj [Naja AB], Tehran, IR
OIIP PYK Karaj [Payam], Tehran, IR
OIIF Karaj [Karaj/Fath AB Heliport], Tehran, IR
OIIG Tehran (Teheran) [Ghale Morghi], Tehran, IR
OI19 Firuzabad, Tehran, IR



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